In addition to her own artistic practice, Alette Simmons-Jimenez has developed an expanded practice that includes organizing, facilitating, promoting, and curating public events, performances, and exhibitions in Miami and abroad, under the working project name of ArtFormz. Simmons-Jimenez has always been inspired by bringing creative people together. Her first initiative was produced in 1978 and presented in the Galería de Modern Arte (currently the Museo de Arte Moderno) in Santo Domingo. Through research and interviews the artist developed a comprehensive and historic exhibition presenting an overview of twenty-five women artists, from those of historic significance to those with emerging status, who had dedicated studio pratices in the Dominican Republic.

The artist is a strong supporter of collaborating with others in and outside the studio. Currently, Simmons-Jimenez serves as a mentor to three young women from the local arts community through a mentorship program she designed for the national non-profit ArtTable, Inc.  She served 3 years as a member of the organizations National Board and as the Florida Chapter Chair and Programming Director. Today, the newest project outside of her studio practice is Art & Company Podcast, launched in April 2018. Art & Company is a document to the people who drive and support the Miami Art Scene. 

Selected Supporting Institutions


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Through Artformz, the artist explored unusual strategies that brought artwork of exceptional quality closer to the public and to create a larger dialogue by connecting art and community in new ways. The artist has been the recipient of several grants and has received support from many institutions that aided the Artformz projects to succeed. 


2400 North Miami Avenue - Wynwood - 2011-2015



Artformz opened its first exhibition in 2004 in the Miami Design District.  As a new and alternative addition to the burgeoning area, the space quickly became a popular destination and often served as a creative gathering spot that encouraged intellectual dialogue and collaboration among artists. Artformz established itself as an alternative venue with the mission to encourage artists to exhibit, develop, and advance innovative art of diverse media and content without constraints of current market trends.

Artformz in the Miami Design District - 40th Street Atlas Plaza - 2004-2008


In the 4 years Artformz resided in the Design District, 500+ artist portfolios were reviewed and 90 artist's works were exhibited. In its 5th year, Artformz relocated to the Wynwood Arts District. Located in the heart of the District the new space again became a community favorite renowned for its excellent exhibition design and the consistent presentation of quality artists.  


 Artformz in the Wynwood Arts District - 171 NW 23rd Street - Wynwood


In 2008 Artformz was awarded several grants from the Miami-Dade Department of Cultural Affairs, and a prestigious Knight Arts Challenge Grant for the creation and development of the premier exhibit of "Giants In The City" at Bayfront Park in downtown Miami. In 2009 Artformz partnered with Red Nomade in Valencia, Spain, to co-curate the Artist Invites Artist project.  Through the fundraising efforts of Artformz, and with the support of the Cultural Affairs Ministry in Valencia, ten artists from Miami were able to travel to Spain and exhibit in 2010.  In 2012 a reciprocal event was held and artists from Valencia exhibited in the Miami Design District with the support of the District Commissioner, the City Mayor, and the Office of Economic Development and International Trade.

In early 2011, to balance time more efficiently between studio practice and project development, artist and director Alette Simmons-Jimenez closed the gallery space.  Since then, Artformz has been based out of the artist's own studio, first just a few blocks away from the former gallery space in Wynwood and now, several blocks northward within the Little River Arts area. 


More than 150 distinguished artists have collaborated with Artformz projects. Here are just some in totally random order.


Anja Marais
Natasha Duwin
Jacek Kolasinski
Antonia Wright
Sibel Kocabasi
Randy Burman
Moira Holohan
Nina Surel
Rosario Bond
Christina Pettersson
Hugo Moro
Tomas Esson
Barmey Ung & Kmang Kmang
Rolando dal Pezzo
Ricky Rayns
Jose Bedia
George Sanchez Calderon
Duane Brant
Kerry Phillips
Andres Ferrandis
Juan Carlos Zaldivar
Dinorah De Jesus Rodriguez
Kristen Thiele
The Oscar Fuentes Combo
Maxine Spector
Luis Garcia Nerey
Sara Rytekke
Michell Weinberg
Venessa Monokian
Matthew Krawcheck
Donna Haynes
Priscilla Ferguson
Ramon Williams
Enrique Paterson "The Oracle"
Gustavo Acosta
Carlos de Villasante
Charo Oquet
Clive King
Edouard Duval-Carrie
David Rohn & Homo Sapiens Live
Guillermo Portieles
Carolina Sardi
Jovan Villalba



Cristina Ghetti (Spain)
Claudia Martinez (Spain)
Ana Garces Kiley (Colombia/Brooklyn)
Alfred McCloud (South Carolina)
Jaime Treadwell (Philadelphia)
Frank Hyder (Philadelphia)
Rosella Ramanzini (Italy)
Barbara Yontz (Nashville/New York)
Lourdes Penaranda (Venezuela)
Elizabeth Aro (Argentina/Italy)
Josep Escuin (Spain)
Vicent Insa (Spain)
Moisés Mañas (Spain)
Javier Marisco (Spain)
Sebastián Miralles (Spain)
Elías Pérez (Spain)
Ima Picó (Spain)
Andrea Racciatti (Buenos Aires)
Rebecca Newell (Portland)
Maria Caridad Perez (Mexico)
Yeon-Jin Kim (Korea/New York)
Heidi Jensen (Indiana)
Danny Mansmith (Chicago)
Ricardo Benaim (Venezuela)
Rebecca Bergman (Scottsdale)
Jessica Ann Peavy (New York)
Jesus Soto (Paris/Venezuela)
Ronald Gonzalez (New York)
Sabine Bretschneider (Munich)
Carls Cruz-Diez (Paris/Venezuela)
Angel Ricardo Rios (Cuba/Mexico)
Cheiko Tanemura (Japan/California)
Onofre Frias (Venezuela)