Art Talk: New Methods of Curating and Commissioning - Locust Projects, Miami Florida

Florida Chapter ArtTable, Inc., RoboVault sponsored event: November 2015

An ArtTable, Inc. Florida Chapter special event organized and directed by Chapter Chair and Programming Chair (2013-2016) Alette Simmons-Jimenez. The Florida Chapter was excited to present curator Claire Breukel and art collector Mario Cader-Frech at Locust Projects located in the Wynwood ArtS District, in an informative conversation on "New Methods of Curating and Commissioning". The discussion covered innovative content illustrating creative solutions to challenges in today’s art practices and programming.




One X One: ArtTable Florida Mentorship Program - Miami, Florida

Florida Chapter ArtTable, Inc., Launch: March 2015

One X One is a mentorship program designed and implemented into the local Florida Chapter of ArtTable, Inc. by Chapter Chair and Programming Chair (2013-2016) Alette Simmons-Jimenez. The program focuses on lending individual support to women artists and arts professionals with future leadership potential. The project is the Chapter's most important community undertaking to date. With the success of the project in South Florida, the program has spawned similar initiatives in other chapters nationwide.




Cortaditos - 6/6 : Miami/Valencia

MDC Museum of Art + Design, (MOAD), March 2014

Cortaditos: Video Shorts is a one night only program Co-Curated by artists Alette Simmons-Jimenez (Miami) and Cristina Ghetti (Valencia).   The screening event continues to nurture and strengthen social/cultural dialogue and exchange begun in 2009 between artists in Miami and artists in Spain.  This opportunity brought together a selection of short videos from artists residing in each community. 

Miami: Moira Holohan, Christina Pettersson, Antonia Wright, Anja Marais, Alette Simmons-Jimenez, Venessa Monokian Spain: Cristina Ghetti, Virginia Paniagua, Jorge Montalvo, Damia Jorda, Javier Marisco, Tatiana Travisani



ArtTable Event: Art Basel/Miami Beach Studios & Museum Tours, December 2013

Beginning with a Mimosa Brunch at Alette Simmons-Jimenez studio in Wynwood, the artist and FL ArtTable Chapter Chair organized and hosted members who were escorted via chartered bus to studio visits of Miami artists Enrique Martinez Celaya and collaborative duo Guerra de la Paz.  The tour finished at PAMM (Perez Art Museum Miami) on its Inaugural Day with a special greeting to members from Director Thom Collins and with Dr. Anthony Japour leading the ArtTable private tour of "Ai Wewei: According to What?"




Florida Installation Art, July 2012

Artformz director Alette Simmons-Jimenez served as Juror and Exhibition Designer for the Biennial of Florida Installation Art the College of Central Florida's Appleton Museum of Art in Ocala, Florida.




Artists Invite Artists, "Common Ground", April 2012

Artists from Valencia: Elizabeth Aro, Josep Escuin, Cristina Ghetti, Vicent Insa, Moisés Mañas, Javier Marisco, Claudia Martínez, Sebastián Miralles, Elías Pérez, Ima Picó, and Andrea Racciatti exhibit in Miami with artists George Sanchez Calderon, Natasha Duwin, Alette Simmons-Jimenez, Duane Brant, Kerry Phillips, Andres Ferrandis, Sara Rytteke, and Donna Haynes. The exhibit opened in the Miami Design District with a presentation from the Mayor of the City of Miami and the District Commissioner. Co-curated by Alette Simmons-Jimenez of Artformz and Cristina Ghetti of Red Nomade.





Pulse Art Miami, Miami Art Week, December 2011

Artformz curates a Small Wonderz (art) Salon for the ArtCenter South Florida Booth in Pulse Fair. 40 artists from AC/SF current residents and alumni exhibit selected works.




Wynwood Art Fair, October 2011

Artformz curates a Small Wonderz (art) Salon for the ArtCenter South Florida Booth at the 1st ever Wynwood street fair and performance festival sponsored by the Margulies Warehouse. 51 artists from the AC/SF residents and alumni exhibit works at the fair.



ArtTable(ArtTuesdays) "New Media in Art Making", October 2011

Panel Discussion organized by Artformz director/founder, artist Alette Simmons-Jimenez presented at Hardcore Art Contemporary Space, Wynwood, to a "standing-room-only" crowd.

Panel participants (left-right) panel moderator Anne Tschida; Director of PAMM, Thom Collins; artists George Sanchez-Calderon, Wendy Wischer, Antonia Wright, and Gustavo Matamoros.



Artformz Alternative - Closing Exhibit - January 2011

Artformz Outside Projects commissions the big "spill" mural on the building facade -  artists participate in the exhibit closing and the celebration of the 123rd Street space's closure and reorganization to nomadic programming as Artformz/Office for Curatorial Projects, based in Wynwood.




Verge Art Fair, Catalina Hotel, December 2010

Artformz presents a new edition of its Small Wonderz (art) Salon sponsored by Verge Fair for Miami Art Week, on Miami Beach.  




"Spill", Opening Miami Art Week, December 2010

Artists create works expanding on the theme of man-made catastrophes - group show.  Also scheduled is the famous Thursdays Miami Art Week Champaign Brunch @ Artformz, 9am-1pm.




"Three", November 2010

Recent paintings and installations by the artists Rosario Bond, Randy Burman, and Alette Simmons-Jimenez.




Artformz/Red Nomade "Artista Invita Artista" - Artist Exchange with Spain - October 2010

Artformz successful Kickstarter funding campaign allows artists to travel and exhibit work in Valencia, Spain. Panel discussions and 2 exhibitions are supported by the Cultural Affairs Departments of Valencia and Godella. The co-curated exchange with "Red Nomade" is exhibited at Casas de la Cultura de Burjassot and the Centro Cultural Xicaranda in Godella



"Come Hither" - October 2010

Artists Natasha Duwin, Donna Haynes, and Mary Larsen exhibit new work. Additionally a "bon voyage" Champagne Brunch for our “Thank You Kickstarter" event is held in honor of the 100+ backers donating to fund the upcoming exhibit in Spain.


"Con-Figurations", September 2010

Artists Rossella Ramanzini, Sara Rytteke, and Maxine Spector: Painting and Photography.



"Small Wonders (art) Salon", Summer 2010

67 of the best South Florida artists (and some further away) exhibit small works.




"Rapture", April 2010

Natasha Duwin and Henning Haupt: New Installations and Painting.



2010 Gallery Catalogue

Artformz publishes the 2010 artist's catalog.



"A Terrible Beauty", March 2010

Sibel Kocabasi (right) and Alette Simmons-Jimenez (left): Painting, Sculpture, and Video.



"Fragmentary Memories", February 2010

Anja Marais (left, center) and Guillermo Portieles (right): Installations and Paintings.



"Women on the Verge", January 2010

Rosario Bond, new painting and installation, Donna Haynes, installation and sculptural objects



Artformz @ Aqua Art Fair Miami, December 2009

The Miami Art Week booth features works from Duwin, Portieles, Haynes, Simmons-Jimenez, Savdie, Bond, Haupt, and Marais



"Money Makes Art", December 2009

Miami Art Week gallery show features artists Haupt, Escale, Marais, Haynes, Simmons-Jimenez, Bond, Paul, Mills, Savdie, Duwin, Portieles, Kocabasi. A special artist panel discussion event is moderated by arts writer Elisa Turner.



"Carnivale of Souls", October 2009

Rai Escale, collage paintings & Gisela Savdie, photographs



"Ray Paul & PJ Mills - Recent Work", September 2009

Ray Paul exhibits expanded paintings & PJ Mills shows photography, both collaborate with an interactive photo experience in the Project Room to benefit Hospice.



"Hotter Than A Matchstick", summer 2009

Summer Group Show, including music of the Lovin' Spoonful



"Welcome: 4 New Artformz Artists", May 2009

Rai Escale, Gisella Savdie, Guillermo Portieles, and Sibel Kocabasi 




"Trios: Marais, Simmons-Jimenez, Tanemura", April 2009

(left-right) Anja Marais: suspended soft sculpture,, Chieko Tanemura: photography, Alette Simmons-Jimenez: installation & painting



Artformz @ Arteamericas: Latin American Art Fair, March 2009

The Miami Beach Convention Center booth features artists Natasha Duwin, Alejandro Mendoza, Natalia Reparaz, Rosario Bond, and Alette Simmons-Jimenez



"The Making of Giants", March 2009

Artist's works, designs, sketches and a video projection that documents the making of the public art project "Giants in the City", winner of the Knight Arts Challenge Grant. Works by Giant's Artists Jose Bedia, Gustavo Acosta, Alette Simmons-Jimenez, Alejandro Mendoza, Tomas Esson, Michelle Weinberg, Anja Marais, Frank Hyder, John Martini, Angel Ricardo Rios.




"Faith, Fear & Fortune", February 2009

PJ Mills large format photography, Ramon Williams sculptural objects & photography.  Performance by: Philosopher Enrique Paterson as "The Oracle" in the project room installation "One Question - One Answer"

artformz2 copy



"Creatures!" January 2009

Natalia Reparaz: painting, Natasha Duwin: installation, Ray Paul: painting & objects




"Giants in the City" Premier @ MIAMI'S BAYFRONT PARK, December 2008

Funded in part by the Knight Arts Challenge the Artformz public art project takes front stage during Miami Art Week. The opening night reception of the Premier Exhibit of the Giants takes place with a concert on the green, music by "Beijinhos", with Commissioner Mark Zarnoff and Park Director Timothy Schmand attending. Alette Simmons-Jimenez: project director and co-curator.






"No Easy Pieces", November 2008

Artists are challenged to create one site specific work responding to the physical space of the gallery. Alejandro Mendoza, Alette Simmons-Jimenez, Anja Marais, Chieko Tanemura , Donna Haynes, Fabian De La Flor, Natalia Reparaz, Natasha Duwin, PJ Mills, Ray Paul, Ramon Williams and Rosario Bond.




"Every Picture Tells a Story", October 2008

Presenting works by Fabian De La Flor, Donna Haynes, and Rosario Bond, artists whose work carries a personal underlying narrative. We also welcome guest artist David Rohn with performance based photographs in the project room and a special live performance “Mr. & Mrs. Candidate” in collaboration with Danilo de la Torre of Homo Sapiens Live Art.


 “Mr. & Mrs. Candidate” performed by Homo Sapiens Live Art for Artformz Outside 




"Associates Show", September 2008

Works on exhibit by Mark Baum Edgard Camacho, Marlene de Lazaro, John Frazee, Matthew Krawcheck, Kimberly Maxwell, Venessa Monokian, Rebecca Newell, Gisela Savdie, Jovan Villalba, Mark Wojcik



"Diverse Works", June 2008

The Artformz Wynwood inaugural group summer show. Artists: Fabian De La FLor, Natasha Duwin, Donna Haynes, Anja Marais, Alejandro Mendoza, PJ Mills, Ray Paul, Natalia Reparaz, Rosario Bond, Alette Simmons-Jimenez, and Chieko Tanemura.



"The Last Picture Show", March 2008

Before leaving the Miami Design District space Artformz brings together artists Alfred McCloud, Chieko Tanemura, Lorri Acott Fowler, Nathan Markham, Yeon Jin Kim, Venessa Monokian, Vanessa Garcia, Jovan Villalba, Michael Wyshock, Ileana Tolibia, Alette Simmons-Jimenez, Ray Paul, Rolando Dal Pezzo, Natasha Duwin, Priscilla Ferguson, Alejandro Mendoza, Marlene de Lazaro, Alicia Deya, Donna Haynes, Loren Santiesteban, Kimberley Maxwell, Darek Pala, Oscar Manuel Vargas, and Glenn Fischer for a final show.



"To Die Dreaming", January 2008

Exhibiting artists Ray Paul, Oscar Achury, Maria Caridad Perez, Alette Simmons-Jimenez, Gisela Savdie, Ileana Tolibia, Chieko Tanemura, Rolando Dal Pezzo, and Alexandra Salazar



"EXPOSED!", November 2008

20 Independent South Florida Artists selected by jury for Art Basel Week Miami. Invited Jurors: Francis Acea, artist and publisher Miami Art Guide, Tiffany Chestler, manager and curator of the Craig Robins Collection, Alette Simmons-Jimenez, Artformz, and Robert Parente, Director of the City of Miami, Mayor's Office of Film & Cultural Affairs. 




"Optical Allusions", September 2007

Sabine Bretschneider, John Frazee, John Gargano, Aleksandar Kirilov, KX2, Ray Paul, Alette Simmons-Jimenez, Ermin Tabakovich 



"Walking on a Wire", summer 2007

For the Artformz Summer Vacation Show the recent work of Alette Simmons-Jimenez is exhibited.




"Deviant Behavior", May 2007

26 artists juried from across the US present works illustrating a dedication to experimentation that inspires creations of uncommon expression. Exhibiting painting, sculpture, & video, are artists Lori Acott Fowler, Mark Baum, Priscilla Ferguson, Glenn Fischer, Rolando Dal Pezzo, Natasha Duwin, Ana Garces Kiley, Ronald Gonzalez, Alejandro Guzman, Heidi Jensen, Yeon Jin Kim, Daniel Leahy, Alejandro Mendoza, Luisa Mesa, Alfred McCloud, PJ Mills, Venessa Monokian, Rebecca Newell, Jessica Ann Peavy, Tiana Peterson, Jaime Treadwell, Jovan Villalba, Magali Wilenski, Mark Wojcik, Michael Wyshock, Barbara Yontz.




"Capture, Burn & Blow-Up", March 2007

Arranged in conjunction with "Look Out: Photography and the Worlds of Contemporary Art" the 44th National Conference of the Society of Photographic Educators. Photography, video and digital art by artists Priscilla Ferguson, Gerardo Marulanda, Rolando Dal Pezzo, Alette Simmons-Jimenez, Maria Caridad Perez, Venessa Monokian, Lourdes Penaranda, and Hugo Moro.




"Intensely Superficial", January 2007

Selected artists whose work shows attention to the surface quality including Vanessa Garcia, Hugo Moro, Alette Simmons-Jimenez, and Oscar Manuel Vargas.




"It's So Un-Fair", November 2007

Running through Miami Art Week the show features site specific installations by Alejandro Mendoza, Laura Cerwinske, Onofre Frias, Alette Simmons-Jimenez, Danny Mansmith, Rosario Rivera, Maria Caridad Perez, and Earl Bronsteen





"Extraordinary Worlds", September 2006

Jeff Breed, Oscar Manuel Vargas, Natasha Duwin, Alette Simmons-Jimenez, Danny Mansmith, Onofre Frias, Fabian De La Flor, Rebecca Newell, Carolina Sardi, Maria Caridad Perez, Katy McQuillin.




"Flux & Flow", summer 2006

Recent work by director Alette Simmons-Jimenez for the summer vacation show




"Convergence", May 2006

Alejandro Mendoza, Rebecca Newell, German Perez, Alette Simmons-Jimenez




"Colorblind", March 2006

Works created with a limited color palette. Juan Guillermo Escobar, Diane Hansen, Danny Mansmith, Daniel Marguerettaz, Rosario Bond, Alette Simmons-Jimenez



"The Red Room Show", February 2006

Several artists present works in the theme of "red" including artists Recardo Benaim, Neil Bendor, Caryana Castillo, Patricia Castillo, Adham Dalloul, Momoko, Charo Oquet, Edison Parra, Natalia Reparaz, Rosario Bond, and Tom Schmitt.




"Resolutions", January 2006

Rebecca Bergman, Natalia Reparaz, Rosario Bond, Alette Simmons-Jimenez



"RAVE", November 2005

Running through Miami Art Week, the gallery features a 2-person show of site specific installations, painting, sculpture and video by Rosario Rivera-Bond and Alette Simmons-Jimenez




"Scratching the Surface", July 2005

Rebecca Bergman, Edouard Duval-Carrie, Clive King, Rosario Bond, Alette Simmons-Jimenez



"The Visitor From Venezuela", April 2005

Artformz presents its first collaborative project co-curated with Elizabeth Hazim. Artists from Venezuela are featured including Karem Arrieta, Ricardo Benaim, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Adham Dalloul, Emmanuel Luna, Lourdes Penaranda, Jesus Soto