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With the creative people who drive and contribute to its art scene. Miami artist Alette Simmons-Jimenez, speaks with guests from this exciting, rapidly transforming, cultural community; featuring its some of its best, its hidden gems, and always a special guest or two. Follow the lives and viewpoints of the important visual artists, curators, poets, designers, collectors and more, surviving and flourishing in the 305. They make great company!

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11. Miami's Bright Young Artists
August 13, 2018:
Lauren Shapiro / Alex Nuñez / Deming King Harriman
From Boston to Delray Beach to Miami to Brooklyn to Mexico and all the way to the Amazon Rain Forest, these artists don't stand still. In a short time, they've made a big impression here. For them the key is connections and communities with no boundaries. Fountainhead Studios / Lab Verde / SuperFine! / Sunday Painter

10. Couples: Anja Marais & Rudi Repenning
July 30, 2018:
Anja Marais / Rudi Repenning
In this Couples Series, an artist and a furniture designer/woodworker tell us about their journeys from opposite corners of the globe heading straight to Florida and the art community here. It's all about the smell of soil and fresh cut wood and mulberries. Oh yes, and cats - the "must-have" studio cats.

09. Women Artists and the Allure of New Media
July 16, 2018:
Cat del Buono / Yeon Jin Kim
Guests today comment on beauty, domestic violence, ghosts, and monsters. Artists, Cat del Buono and Yeon Jin Kim, discuss working in new media and film, and their most recent projects. We spoke about their studio practice in this direction and why so many women artists choose the world of film and video art.

08. Community Within Community
July 2, 2018:
Sophie Blachet & Helene Filipecki
Have you ever stopped to think how big the French community is here? It's BIG! Our guests speak about the non-profit organization they founded and co-direct, The French Arts Associates, opening doors and creating cultural events for the French community in Miami and for everyone who wants to meet some very interesting people.

07. Now You Are Who You Are
June 18, 2018:
Francine Birbragher-Rozencwaig, PhD / Jessica Mitrani / Rhonda Mitrani
A woman ahead of her time, journalist Nellie Bly, working in 1887, has inspired artist Jessica Mitrani to create a fantastical journey for the equally daring. Join the artist, along with curator Francine Birbragher-Rozencwaig, and co-curator and Miami's project host, Rhonda Mitrani as we go behind the scene.

06. Couples: Collectors & Art Activists
June 4, 2018:
Debra Scholl / Dennis Scholl
This may be their most important tip: How the alphabet might inspire the rest of your life! The passionate lives of this Miami couple are creating a legacy for the Miami Art Community. Locust Projects / ArtCenter SF / Mother Tongue Wine / Inside My Studio Film Documentaries

05. Sleeping with Art
May 21, 2018:
Mariela Alvarez / Jesse MacDougall
On hand in Miami from the stellar firm ICRAVE in NY, two designers make a quick drive-by visit before their flight back to NY. Their new project is going up near the BASS Museum on Miami Beach. Listen in on how hanging with friends can lead to a super successful career, about selecting artwork and baking designer cupcakes. Coseena

04. The Future Isn't What It Used To Be
May 7, 2018: Tami Katz-Freiman / Ombretta Agró Andruff / Susan Caraballo
Three Miami curators to follow! We sat down to talk about the effect of politics on art and funding, curating for the Venice Biennale, Utah's MOCA and examining man-made violence, and Miami's own floating art+science residency. The Isreali Pavillion at the 2017 Biennale / Art Sail Residency

03. Couples: Making Work & Working It Out
April 23, 2018:
Kathleen Hudspeth / Adler Guerrier
1st "Couples" series. Clothespin dolls, growing up in Haiti, working the system, frogs, & gaining poetics in art work. Kathleen's a master printmaker, art educator, founder/director of Turn-Based Press. Adler creates visual dialogues between multiple media, born in Haiti, he's a graduate of New World School of the Arts, and exhibits extensively including in the 2008 Whitney Biennial.

02. The View From Chavon
April 9, 2018:
Stephen Kaplan, / Raúl Miyar / Gustavo Fermín
Art & Company takes you to the Chavon School of Design in the Dominican Republic for a talk with the school's rector, and two artists who teach and head up programs there. We got together in the rector's office in the beautiful artist's village at Altos de Chavon. Chavon School of Design

01. Creative Crossovers
April 4, 2018:
Neil Ramsay / Thais Fontanelle / Natasha Duwin / Nina Surel / Cat Taylor
1st full podcast! Lunch&Learn with Neil Ramsay, economist/professor/art curator - Thais Fontenelle, director of Minotti Miami/design curator - Natasha Duwin, former president/co-founder of Kipu Systems/artist activist - Nina Surel, artist/director of Collective 62 -  Cat Taylor, business/creative strategist.

00. Our Podcast Tailer: Intro with the Host
April 2, 2018:
Alette Simmons-Jimenez
Intro and preview by the host of Art & Company: Miami artist Alette Simmons-Jimenez. Art & Company is a new biweekly podcast of spontaneous conversation on art and creativity in Miami and beyond. This short trailer includes audio samples from upcoming guests Neil Ramsey, Thais Fontanel, Dennis Scholl, and Debra Scholl.